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Click on an empty effect slot. This will bring up a drop-down with many effect options.

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Click on the effect image to edit the settings. Adjust the Pitch knob to transpose the song up or down. Remember that the further you go, the weirder it sounds.

How to Change Pitch in Garageband: Transpose an MP3

If you like hyper chipmunks or slow motion robots then by all means, crank that dial! Play back your song and the pitch shifting will transpose everything you hear.

To turn the AUPitch off, just click the light blue button to the left of the effect slot. If you need a quick an dirty way to change the pitch of a song, Garageband can do the trick.


You can also slow down a song and solo out instruments using their magic spectrum analyzer. Highly recommended. More about me. It looks like there might be an easier way to do this in a newer version of Garageband. The main advantage of the program is its simplicity. You can understand how to work with it almost immediately. Music Speed Changer is one of the most popular applications for slowing down the music.

It allows you to change the speed of sound files on your device in real time without changing the pitch, or change the pitch without changing the speed. In addition, the speed and pitch can be adjusted together. The application also allows you to play music cycles — you can slow down the playback speed and play sound files cyclically. Another feature is the ability to reverse the audio playback in the opposite direction.

Capo Alternatives and Similar Software -

You can also save changed audio in MP3 files for sharing with friends or listening in another player. Riff Studio app is a professional studio for the production of music. Its capabilities allow you to compose music, remix the songs and just change the music files. In Riff Studio, you will be able to use various instruments to change audio files. One of the functions of the program is to change the tempo of the music.

This does not affect the sound of the song. For a beginner, it will be quite a difficult task to understand the interface of Riff Studio , since the program is designed for professionals. But even a beginner can easily change ready music. The program is absolutely free for iOS and Android users.

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If you need a program for editing music, then try Music Speed Changer by Hipxel. Cropping songs, removing noise, recording sound — all this is available in this convenient and simple program. With the help of Music Speed Changer, you can also slow down the music. The main advantages of the program are a simple interface and a large number of possibilities for converting music.

In addition, the program is absolutely free. TimePitch is another program for creating and sharing music. It was included on our top list as it has many positive reviews. Using TimePitch , you can also change the tempo of an already-ready audio file.

How to Change Pitch in Garageband: Transpose an MP3

The app is simple in use and even the beginners will like it. TimePitch is free for downloading and use. You can try it right now! Voice Pitch and Tempo Changer is a program for changing music. It is similar in many respects to the previous ones and also allows you to edit audio files. Slowing or speeding up the music are the main functions of the application.

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