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You will receive a free medium room with the first 10 Webkinz Pets that you adopt. You will not receive a new room after your 11th adoption. Instead, you will get to spin the bonus dice. A Super Bed is a super exclusive object that you get when you adopt your 10th Webkinz Pet, and every 5th Webkinz Pet afterwards your 15th, 20th, 25th, etc.

The KinzCash coin is a special gift you can get when you spin the bonus dice. If you want to watch the bonus dice spin, you need to adopt eleven or more Webkinz Pets. You could get a KinzCash coin, an exclusive object, or a rare item.

Webkinz World Cheats - get free Estore Points & Kinzcash

Good luck! The Pet Care Heart is a fun way to interact with your pet! Each day, just by taking care of your pet, you can fill their heart! Feeding, bathing, grooming, exercising, and playing with your pets will help you to fill up their hearts. But each day after midnight, all Pet Care hearts will go down by 25 points. So then, why fill the Pet Care heart at all?

There are a whole bunch of exciting new prizes to be won for the many Family Score milestones! If you have multiple pets, you can get bonuses for filling up a maximum of 10 Pet Care Hearts each day. While some players will earn several milestone prizes right away, we have put maximum limits on earning Family Score, so everyone will still have prizes to look forward to!

We also plan to add new Family Score milestones and prizes in the future! Want to know how your score compares? The more times you fill up their heart, the smarter they will get, and soon they will start making more specific requests, along with a wider variety of requests.

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You can either switch right away to that pet and begin filling up their heart, or you can wait until you are ready to switch. Guess what?

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We already have many millionaires! Sorry, but right now there is no way to lend your friends KinzCash.

Webkinz Codes & Cheats - Deluxe Membership Free KinzCash

However, you can send your friends items using KinzPost which they can then sell for KinzCash. In most cases, KinzCash gets put on your account the instant you win or earn it. You may not have seen what your KinzCash count was before, or your view of your count was blocked so you did not see it change, like in an Arcade Game. In other cases, like the Tournament Arena, KinzCash is not awarded until the tournament has been completed by all players, which may happen when you are away from Webkinz World TM.

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The activities are scheduled to start later in the afternoon on weekdays and earlier on weekends. KinzTime is our way of setting a standard time by which everyone can figure out when scheduled events, like daily activities, are happening in Webkinz World TM.

Yours KinzTime will be chosen for you once you create an account and select a country. Please make sure that you choose your correct country, as it directly corresponds to the KinzTime you are assigned and cannot be changed after the registration process has ended.

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It will open up a map of 5 mines where you can search for gems. Each day you will be allowed to search 1 mine. Once you are in the mine, simply click on 3 sparkling rocks to dig them out with your pick axe and reveal if you have found an actual gem. If you have found a gem, you will need to go back to the Curio Shop to put it into your collection.

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Before you do, Arte will make you a one-time offer to buy it from you. If you collect all 30 of the different gems, you will be able to trade it for the Webkinz Crown of Wonder! The Crown of Wonder is like a trophy your pet can wear! Arte can make a Crown of Wonder for anyone that collects all 30 gems. As long as you collect all 30 gems, you can keep redeeming them for Crowns of Wonder! You can certainly sell the Crown afterwards, if you really want to. When you click the crown icon, Arte will ask if you want to trade your gem collection in for the crown.

There are 20 stones in each cave. Each stone does not necessarily contain a gem; some stones just contain slag. You can only hammer three rocks in the cave. There are a lot of people who want to go into the mines each day, which is why you can only visit one each day. You only get one chance to go mining each day. If you do not find a gem, just come back tomorrow. You never quite know where they will be hidden! Arte only offers you money for a gem once you have found it. As soon as you have added it to your collection, you no longer can sell it back to him.

But remember, once you earn the crown you can sell the crown itself! Arte rarely ever makes the same offer twice, except for the Gem of the Day. His offers are based both on your collection and his own need for particular types of gems. If you sell a collection box, you are not selling the gems inside. If you buy more than one collection box, you will only see the same collection of gems inside.

If you had already found your gem before you were logged out, it was added to your collection. The new gem should be there! Unfortunately, you will not be able to sell this gem to Arte. The floating prizes are something special! Unlike the other activities, there is no GO button to click on to see a floating prize appear — it will appear on your screen randomly and fly across. You have to click it fast before it disappears! It will not show up while you are in a game, so keep your eyes open! To do the activity, just look at the jar and take a good guess about how many beans there are.

Whoever makes the best guess guesses the number closest to the correct number, or guesses the correct number exactly will win a jar of Super jellybeans that will fill your pets hunger up to percent! You will also win some KinzCash. We do not announce the final number, so keep an eye on the message you get. This will take you to a page where you can get your Bingoz numbers for the day. You can play one, two, and three ball Bingoz on this page. Each game is played the same way; if you get a row of diagonal, horizontal or vertical numbers, you can shout out Bingoz and win.

When this happens, you get a new blank card to start a new game. Click on the coupon to use it. You can buy food for your pet, furniture for your rooms, games to play and even more pets to add to your Webkinz Family! Remember, if you want to buy Clothing for your pet you need to visit the KinzStyle Outlet.

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There are several categories in the WShop. These categories let you know what items are available in each section. You can find side tables, coffee tables and dining tables in the Tables section.

The best thing to do is look in all of the categories for whatever you are looking for. You can find clothing for your pet to wear in the KinzStyle Outlet. Those items can still be found under their relevant tabs in the Dock. Unfortunately, there is no way to get an item back once it has been sold to the WShop. While you can always buy regular items again, be extra careful with rare or special items, as they cannot be replaced.

The WShop is full of awesome bargains. If you want to buy clothing for your pet you need to visit the KinzStyle Outlet. Your eStore points are displayed at the top of your screen, next to your KinzCash. If you have a coupon, you can use it to reduce the price of items in the WShop items available for KinzCash only.

The Curio Shop is the only place to get special rare themes. You can also find other special objects that are only found in the Curio Shop. It is important to visit Arte every single day to make sure he remembers who you are.